At the Mechanical Engineering Department of Atilim University has been started in order to enable undergraduate study in mechanical Engineering Fundamentals, to provide a research plateform in advanced technology and technology transfer issues; active contribution in the areas of emerging issues of mechanical engineering and management; accurate, realistic and economic solutions in the framework of university-industry cooperation. Program has been set up in accordance with MÜDEK criteria with respect to mathematics, basic sciences, engineering sciences, design and elective courses. Program has been prepared to give to students the skills and knowledge needed for design and implementation of the mechanical systems and thermal systems. In the program, in general engineering and mechanical engineering related information given already in the first year for early familiarization of students to the profession. Program also gives particular attention to mechanical design. The most important feature of the program, that it is based on design and manufacturing. In this way, the rise and development of innovative ideas in the design and manufacturing technology, important for the country is aimed to encourage.